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Art or Document? The Inherent artistic potential of archive

Art or Document? The Inherent artistic potential of archive


Officially established in 1933, the Department of Circulating Exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Art (NY) designed and supplied exhibitions of modern art to other institutions throughout the country. Just as cinema, exhibition became a consequential device to accompany the learning process. Among these circulated exhibitions, some were designed concurrently with the film department, showing the

artefact of cinema – mostly photographs and posters. One of the circulated exhibitions, entitled How to make a photogram ? was conceived by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in 1942. The purpose of this exhibition was to explain to the wider audience the making of a photogram and, consequently, intended to be

informative and educational. Nowaday, studing early exhibitions means facing with the archives. If those archives are primary archival documents, the museum context and the artistic aspect of pedagogy in the art practice of Moholy-Nagy, make the construction of their meanings worthy of examination.